Radio Promotions

TMA provides industry-standard radio promotions through Play MPE and Mi2N Music PR . We customize a package based on your budget, genre and terrestrial audience (USA, Canada, etc.). Let TMA coordinate your radio single drop with your digital distribution release to maximize effectiveness in the marketplace!

Your package can include:

  • Adding your track to the Play MPE system
  • Customized E-Blast
  • 3 promotional Play MPE emails over a period of 6 months
  • Play MPE activity reports tracking downloads & streams
  • Inclusion on the Play MPE daily website, featuring new releases, newsletters, and charts (
  • Marketing follow-up by TMA (thank-you emails to PDs/MDs, social media promotions)
  • Press release distribution to over 20 Mi2N Syndicated Newswires (125 minimum guaranteed online placements)
  • Press release distribution to 105 eGroups, blog communities, PR aggregation sites, micro-blogging platforms & online forums
  • Mi2N homepage & site margin listing
  • MusicDish e-Journal homepage & site margin listing
  • Text advertisement in two (2) Mi2N email newsletters (24,000 subscribers) 
  • Mi2N “Did You Know?” featured PR (w/ image on homepage)
  • Inclusion in Mi2N newsletter (under news headlines)
About Play MPE
Play MPE is the trusted promotional distribution service used by the majors and tons of independents in over 50 countries, primarily for delivery to radio, but also press, music blogs, TV and other recipients. They deliver your music to PDs and MDs at radio stations in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK. We can also service any additional people you want to target with your own recipient list.
About Mi2N
Ideal for artists and labels, as well as supporting promoters and agencies, Mi2N Music PR service provides guaranteed press release placements through a network of newswires, eGroups, blog communities, boards and forums, as well as MP3 and video distribution. In addition to guaranteed PR placement, the packages provide exposure through the Mi2N website and daily newsletters sent to over 24,000 music professionals across the globe.

Radio Promotions

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